i’m not really worried about the kit, i just really want to know what’s up with those wheels because they look like 4 spoke devil japan shadow spokes, but with 5 lugs

i need them

Fucking agreed.

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In which Spiderman becomes the Internet.

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This car is hot!  I just finished this set last night so it’s fresh off the press. Read about it on StanceNation.  This LS is the only one of it’s kind in the US and will be featured at SEMA next week.

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Whoa. #libertywalk #mfest #bmw #e92 #m3 #rsv #cars #flossdaily

#wheelwednesday with Chris and David from #mfest and #vipmodular. I spent the day with these gentlemen on assignment for @pasmag. New issue out soon!

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*Insert train/train track pun here*

Decided to edit a few unreleased photos from this set.

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@_imtoolazy_ abd his sexy fitment! #nissan #gtr #stancenation #TheHap

She bangs. #e30 #bmw #nsx #honda #gtr #nissan

#winning love nights like these. (at Its Like Crack)