Expect a full photoset soon, but for now, if you want to read about a full custom CF widebody BMW Z4, check the jump.


I shot these photos in my home town, San Pedro, California, down by the harbor.  The hill in the background is Palos Verdes’ tippy top.

I used my Canon 5d mk1 and an 85mm lens for this entire set.

Currently working on this 350z from So Cal’s Low n’ Slow crew.  

Nicknamed, La Cucaracha Aplastada

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What’s up guys!  Got some new photos for ya up on StanceNation!  ”If looks could kill…” Let me know what you think!

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Almost straight out of camera ^_^ Adjusted in camera raw for exposure and white balance. Next step is to take the image into Photoshop to remove the rig. @henrytakespics’s #350z for @stancenation #lownslow

Check out the most recent issue of @pasmag. Inside you’ll find some of my photos of the @slekdesigns CF #bmw #z4 

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Badass 4 door.  Follow Handsome and Philthy for more!

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*Insert train/train track pun here*

Decided to edit a few unreleased photos from this set.

Read More  |  From, TheHaP

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Yo! evogphotography, Check this out brotha? What do you think?

Image shot by evogphotography and edited by handsomeandphilthy

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Here’s a little sneak peak at a feature car that will be up on Stancenation soon.  I shot Jon Sibal’s car about a month ago and submitted my images this weekend.  Bagged and on SSR’s.  Muscle Stance.

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Like I promised, I’ll be putting more 1920x1080 wallpapers out so please, enjoy guys.  Thank you for following and sharing and blogging and all that good stuff.

If you desktop or homescreen this bad boy, I’d love to see it.  Photo response that bish.

A little red white and blue here for the 4th.  ;)

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